Reynolds Urban Design offers responsive and innovative planning and design services for a range of clients including developers, cities, health care providers and individuals. For more than 30 years, Dennis Reynolds has delivered strategic services to clients around the globe. He is known for his personal, hands-on approach and unique combination of vision, design, drawing, communication and facilitation skills.


What people are saying about Reynolds Urban Design

“At a time when the architectural giant, HOK Sport realized they needed a stand alone ‘design studio’ they searched for the right person to lead off the group and Dennis was the perfect candidate. He provided the organizational skills and visionary leadership momentum needed to guide the newly formed group into un-chartered territory. This leadership allowed the designers to concentrate their efforts in providing focused, innovative design solutions. He also provided an initial excitement and innovational savvy that motivated the studio group to go beyond what was expected, and the success of the group was measured by some of the big projects it garnered into the office such as the Cincinnati Reds Ballpark and Des Moines Event Center. Creativity and inventiveness was in the studio air and it was contagious, involving other designers and project managers, but it also included clients and consultants into the creative efforts. In all my years in this profession I cannot think of anyone like him, his uniqueness, high energy, design skills and innovativeness is just part of what he brings to a group set out to create great inspiring architecture and wonderful urban designs."

~ Randy Shear, Senior Designer, RTKL

Reynolds “is the ideal urban planner,” says Kris Saddoris, vice president of development for Hubbell Realty. “He connects the landscape, the environment and the intended community and ties them together with an iconic work of public art that people can relate to. He sees the big picture. He knows how to pull all of the aspects of a place together to create a neighborhood, a community, a sense of place. He’s a visionary.”

~ Kris Saddoris, Hubbell Realty, Source: DSM magazine

Reynolds has “the ability to come up with fresh, meaningful ideas that suit the project at hand,” says local graphic artist and architectural photographer Jake Niederhauser. “His ability to consider both the big picture—entire developments, neighborhoods and cities—and the smallest design decisions, such as how benches are constructed, is what really sets him apart from the crowd. His experience as both an artist and a designer gives him a well-rounded view of the projects he takes on.”

~ Jake Niederhauser, Graphic Artist and Architectural Photographer, Source: DSM magazine

“I immediately liked you because of the enthusiasm you obviously have for design and the way you drew your lines. Beautiful and thoughtful work, Dennis!”

~ Bryan Huggins, AIA

“His perspective and lightning fast design sketches have brought context to the recommendations we make. Communities of all sizes have benefited from his good work on streetscape and placemaking projects. And, Dennis is skilled at working with people and helping them to visualize potential projects capitalizing on the local strengths they already have.”

~ James Engle, Director, Main Street Iowa



It was exciting to hear that Arata Isozaki was named the 2019 Pritzker Prize Laureate.   I enjoyed working with him and his architectural team as the site designer for Columbus, Ohio’s COSI (Center for Science and Industry) on the Scioto Peninsula.  He is the 46th individual to receive the annual international award, often referred to as “architecture’s Nobel Prize” and “the profession’s highest honor.  Congratulations Arata!

cover image 1 COSI persp closeup.jpg



  • In-The-Loop, a public art piece in Des Moines’ East Village was completed and featured in local media coverage as well as DSM magazine.
  • Dows Farm an innovative agri-community continues to move through the design and development process. It will be the first community in Iowa to integrate a working organic farm with a series of diverse neighborhoods while preserving half of the site as a conservation environment.
  • Mills public art and city park in Millford was completed. It features a heavy timber structure and unique stone work. Petra’s Place, a downtown pocket park in Fairfield, Iowa will be completed this spring.
  • Retail and corporate master plans as well as main street, streetscape, urban park and public art projects continue thru the design process.

Dennis and Mister Cotton will again be sharing their thoughts on the design process and how to help others succeed, at multiple conferences and gatherings. Dennis brings over 30 years of experience as a design leader/facilitator in award winning, international design firms. He works with a wide range of groups (sizes, types, locations…) as he shares and coaches designers from multiple disciplines.



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