Urban Design

Developing an entire neighborhood or a district requires more than basic architecture skills. Good urban design involves an in-depth understanding of how people will connect with the space and how the development will blend with its surroundings. Dennis works with his clients to flush out the unique architectural, landscaping and engineering challenges involved in a project, then develops a comprehensive design strategy that employs ideal density, diversity and accessibility for the master plan.

Master Planning

Quality projects of all sizes require a well-thought road map to success. Mr. Reynolds offers decades of master planning experience to clients looking for a comprehensive long-term strategy. His hands-on approach to facilitation, paired with a history of significant national and international projects, makes Dennis an ideal partner for success.

Public Art

Weaving quality design into the social fabric of a community shouldn't stop with architecture or planning. Art has the ability to connect a community and reflect it’s unique character. By understanding the needs and interests of the client, as well as the unique attributes of the site, Dennis has the ability to curate and create distinguishing public art that responds to the needs of the community and the space it occupies.

Design and Development Facilitation

A lot happens between initial sketches and the ribbon-cutting. The most successful projects involve an active facilitator who understands the sequence of events and knows how to connect the dots. After all, quality urban design and master planning is about more than pretty pictures. Dennis goes beyond the drawing board to deliver a comprehensive plan that connects people, process and place.