Public Art: Heritage

Overland Park, Kansas. 2014

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“Heritage”, created for the  Overland Park Regional Medical Center, consists of four components: Shelter, Protection, Changes, and Crossing.  “Shelter’s” tall vertical elements reach from the ground to form a semi-enclosed space, inspired by dome-like dwellings used by indigenous Kanza and Shawnee Indians.  “Protection’s” stout limestone pillars and color changing metal poles suggest strength and regimentation. These sturdy forms refer to soldiers who were based at nearby pioneer-era military forts, such as Fort Leavenworth and Fort Scott. A military road that connected these forts passed just east of the site.  “Changes” consists of streetcar-inspired shapes with period era advertising brings to mind the Strang Line, a streetcar system established by real estate developer William Strang that connected the emerging community of Overland Park with Kansas City.   The largest, monumental component, “Crossing”, alludes to a nearby site near where settlers and traders on their way west used an expanse of flat rocks to cross Indian Creek. Representations of items that were essential to pioneer-era life can be found among the carefully carved and placed stones.  The art piece is a collaboration with T J Moberg.