Delivering innovative place-making through diverse services:

  • Design Facilitation/Coaching
  • Vision Planning
  • Site Design
  • Public Art

             2018 continues to be an exciting year with an Agri-community master plan, site design for multiple urban pocket parks, large scale public art pieces and a wellness campus plan in Florida.  In addition, three projects that have been in the Reynolds Urban Design studio for several years will be completed in 2018 including the master plan, site design and public art for the Bridge District's phase one neighborhood of townhomes and apartments as well as Bridges Park and Public Art piece (an innovative reuse of a 100 year old farm to market bridge combined with new technology and structure); gardens and courtyards for The International Headquarters for P.E.O.; and Fort Des Moines' adaptive reuse for affordable housing choices with sustainable stormwater streetscape strategies.

                    Dennis & Mister Cotton have been sharing at multiple gatherings this Spring, their thoughts on the design process and how to help others to succeed.  Dennis brings over 30 years of experience as a design leader/facilitator in award winning, international design firms.  He works with a wide range of groups (sizes, types, locations...) as he shares and coaches designers from multiple disciplines


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